Water Treatment
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We offer a variety of option that meet your needs.
Automatic Water Softener Auto Softener

This device removes the elements which makes the feed water hard (calcium, magnesium) and prevents scale build-up inside the boiler so that they may be used for a long period of time.
Fan invertercontrol

The Motor rotational speed changes to suit the combustion status, supplying only the necessary amount of air. As such, power consumption is reduced, which in turm reduces rates while suppressing noise at the same time.
Boiler water concentration automatic blow device

Detects boiler water concentration using a sensor and automatically controls boiler water concentration with a blow device in order to constantly maintain good steam at the same time as preventing boiler corrosion, carry over and so on.
Chemical feeder

A device which continuously injects oxygen scavenger to remove oxygen from feed water as well as boiler compound to create an environment in which steel does not easily corrode.

Ishiclean is a compound chemical for boiler. Ishiclean offers benefits such as PH adjustment, scale build-up prevention, ani-corrosion, removal of dissolved oxygen and sludge dispersion. Stable and high heat efficient boiler operation is possible, greatly contributing to the improvement of economic performance and extension of boiler life.
Feed water tank

25l-5,000l IHI offers a device to heat feed water to 55oC or higher.
Exhaust pipe

120o - 400o

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